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Norway's Unbroken. Lauritz Sand. Grini, World War II.

1.  Prominent prisoner, Grini.  Lauritz Sand, 1879-1956, was a founder of the Norwegian Intelligence Organization known as XU.  He was held and tortured here at Grini Camp.  Grini was a Nazi labor camp, detention camp, transition pen for captured resistance fighters, political prisoners, Jews, others destined for other extermination and other camps elsewhere, usually on "mainland" Europe, Germany, Poland, etc. In general terms, Grini was a concentration camp with brutal conditions, but its type was classified by the Nazis not as KZ-Lager, but as Haftingslager or Detention Camp.

Sand, held at Grini, became known as the most tortured man in Noway, and symbolized the resistance.  His memorial states simply, Nie, or No.  And he did survive. See

Lauritz Sand, most tortured man, Grini Concentration Camp, Norway.  Inscription:  NEI.

Lauritz Sand memorial, Nazi torture survivor, most tortured man, Grini Camp, Norway

Grini processed some 19,750 prisoners, men and women. It has been ignored too long. See sample listing of prisoners at

2.  Current Grini memorials

The area has moved on, repurposed; and only a few Grini buildings, memorials remain where businesses now occupy an office park. Still, stop your car on the road headed to Grini, and follow the wooded paths to see more.

Grini execution site, off-road location, Norway 

Grini woods road path marker, to execution memorial, Norway

This path one led to a spot where some 7 inmates were executed, and later memorialized.

Memorial, like standing stone, Grini execution site, NO

On one side is a pattern, chevron-like. Are those six chevrons, for the six killed?

Plaque says something like:  

Dette minnesmerke over seks Norske frihetskjempere som ble henrettet her av tyskerne 21, Juli 1944, er reist for innsamlede midler.  Minneskerket er laget av billedhuggeren nic.schioll og ble avduket 11 oktober 1952 av H.K.H. Kronsprins Olav. Minnesmerket ble samtidig overlevert baerum kommune.  

Now to the translator:

Inscription:  Patch together something like, here from Bing,
This remembrance of six Norwegian freedom fighters who were executed here by the Germans 21, July 1944, is raised for funds raised. Minneskerket is made by the sculptor Nic. Schioll and was unveiled on 11 October 1952 by H.K.H., Olav Kronsprins. (Crown Prince Olav?) The Memorial was at the same time handed Baerum municipality, Norway.

3.   Memorials, Grini Detention Camp, main area

The names of the executed:  Ruth Andersen born 1907, Sigrid Hammerg, born 1893, Helene Johannessen born 1924, Helse Larsen born 1901, Jacob Palkin (?) born 1892, Arne Stolan born 1909.  In addition, were these additional persons executed as well? Age Kennensbad (?) born 1921 and Kjell Segelenev____? born 1925.  Hard to read. 

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