Sunday, November 16, 2014

Oslo: Akershus Castle Fortress. Electric car recharging, bike movers, tradition

Oslo at Akershus Castle, Akershus Fortress.  Tunnels, tradition, and other vehicle-management.

1.  Forward-looking, modernized and modernizing, underground huge passage-tunnels with their own roundabouts and with downtown and government buildings above.  Your new GPS, like ours advertised with up-to-date Europe, fell short in Norway, and especially in Oslo.  Go it on your own.

Akershus is the old fortress-castle on the fjord.  Parking is not difficult, even for ordinary tourist cars.  Oslo's savvy electric car owners park here as well, with bicycles; and pedicabs, and recharge, plenty of room because of fine planning.

2.  Urban bicycles.  City bicycle moving. Civic service. Bicycles provided by Oslo are picked up and moved regularly, but very early in the morning.

3.  Oslo, recharging for electric cars, room and more.  We saw several open spaces as we passed for several days, regularly re-occupied, but no back-up.

Dedicating this much space to electric car charging?  How did Norway do it?

4.  Akershus Castle, an easy walk from a reasonable last-minute hotel.  Go where you want to be in a new city, park and look around for a room.  We have never been left in the back seat. The castle itself retains its old airs, with guardhouses, museums.

Occupant of guardhouses suddenly appearing.  Was it start time?  Noone was there before.

Find a blocked entrance, tip up the camera to see what is inside, and click at Akershus Castle.

This tourist is interested in the column. Whose was that?  did the room fall?

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