Friday, October 10, 2014

Oslo. Karl Johan's Gate: Mall. Royal Palace to Oslo Domkirke.

This pedestrian mall is an international mix and melt, with its overall route changing over time, and now named for King Charles III John 1763-1844. He also was king of Sweden, as Charles XIV John.  Boundaries, rulers, movable feasts.

1.  Cultural exchanges on pedestrian malls

1.1  Street posters.  Special Olympics, now global. Dan Widing, US, is a Special Olympics Athlete and Enthusiast, and he spotted a counterpart in Norway. Oslo, Karl Johan's Gate.
  • There also is a professional hockey player from Sweden named Daniel Widing. Do a search.

  • For travelers with Down Syndrome. 
    • We usually feel at home wherever we go.  One exception:  in Germany, at an American chain hotel, moderate level.  In the dining room we heard and saw the offense as we were shown our table. "Not normale!" Who's "normal"? Aggression, rudeness and exploitation? We nodded politely, and stayed put.  Fine meal.
1.2  Street performers - fire-eating.  The accent when mouths not full of fire tells all: these are Americans.

Turn back to see what the fire eaters are up to. Now they are juggling.

Then they got thirsty again. Hungry again? No, this is another one.  How do they do it?  see

And excellent restaurants, of course. We chose Indian, tablecloths and all instead of our usual eat and keep going.  Excellent idea. 

2.  Leisure.  People-watch.


Pedicabs, Oslo. Karl Johan's Gate, Norway

3.  Beginning and ending, Karl Johan's Gate. Oslo Domkirke, Oslo Cathedral. Built 1694 ff.  See  This replaced the earlier 12th Century (?) Hallvards Cathedral also in Oslo, that burned; and another replacement that also burned soon after construction. 

3.1   Royal Palace, built 1849, at the far end of Karl Johan's Gate.  There reside King Harald V and Queen Sonja. Our walk began at the Palace.

And ended at the Oslo Cathedral, Domkirke.  The first cathedral was Hallvard's, built in the 12th Century. It burned in the 17th Century, was replaced nearer Akershus Fortress, Oslo: then it also was burned, and new construction began 1694ff.  It was rebuilt in 1848 ff.  So this structure is not that old.

Christianization in Norway,  see 

4.  On the way, pass the National Theater, and Henrik Ibsen. See

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