Friday, September 12, 2014

Fredriksten Standing Stone. Barthold Landsberg Memorial. Superimposed? Or Original?

Memorial to Barthold Landsberg, 18th Century commander at Fredriksten.

Huge needle-like standing stones were installed at sacred sites in old Norway, and I am not sure if this one, with what look like new inscriptions, is an original or a new.  The inscription dedicates the stone to one Barthold Landsberg, an 18th Century commander,

More of Barthold Landsberg's memorial.  Some of us tire of the repetitive shape.  Ignoring that issue, Wikipedia says (?) the stone was "raised" to honor Landsberg.

Perhaps so.  Note, however, that other standing stones on sacred sites, particularly where later Christian churches were installed to counter the influence of non-institutional Christian ways, are also made into memorials -- by inscribing names and dedications on the old stone --  for wars or people in modern times, as at the sterile Hoyjord Stave Church.  See post here.  Look at the fine needle standing stone at Avaldsnes here, see post.  Re-dubbed Mary's sewing needle.  Nuts.

Barthold Landsberg himself, from his biography, seems hardly worthy of such a standing stone on his own.  Would someone research whether this was already there, and simply recarved for new egos?

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