Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stavanger. Randfontein. Follow where the ferry leads.

Ferry routes.  Watch for changes, Stavanger from Avaldsnes:  Go no more to the traditional and more convenient Skudeneshaven, as ferry service terminated there the day we arrived. Last ferry gone. Reverse back up this peninsula, and down another to Arsgagn instead.  The benefit is finding a fine fishing town, with the Nor-Dan docked right there.

In the distance, is the tip of another peninsula where Stavanger is located, on this large waterway, the Studenesfjord.

At Stavanger, avoid the hostel.  It is located on the grounds of a large, fine hospital -- all the families stay there all the time.  No room for tourists, most days, we were told.  Get a recommendation elsewhere, and head for the Viste Strandhotell on the beach.  Excellent. We needed that. We were late arriving, did not spend much time in Stavanger. On to Kristiansand.

Note the skerry, little rock island offshore:  Think back to the skerry at Bukkoy where sorcerers were chained so they could not cast a spell on the king. Is that so?

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