Saturday, May 3, 2014

Vik. Hopperstad Stave Church. Where the Camera Died.

So that stave churches, the old relatively untouched ones, do not blend together in the mind, think of silhouettes, rooflines.  Vik:  a broad underskirt roofline, with 3+ smaller rooflines on top.  Borgund, the more heavily touristed, has 6 rooflines, the lowest one is narrow. Do a search in images to compare the two.
Arrive at Vik, after that lovely better-than-norway-in-a-nutshell drive over the mountains, and find that the camera refuses, refuses. Ask your son: please can I use your camera, please, please. And ultimately we agree that I can use my card from my dead camera, put it in his, and click away, then do the card swap back again.

Explore the graveyard.  There is Ragnhild!  

The name! We found the name, great venerable lady, in Denmark at Glavendrup stone ship (burial arrangement, or memorial arrangement) at   

Name your daughters Ragnhild. She has a fine history.  Find the battle history of the name at

Hopperstad, view from the left:

And from the right:  this is an equal partisan church,

Of interest:  the multiple, layered roof lines, the dragons on the eaves, the ambulatory all around, like a mini-coffee hour during the service. Hopperstad is usually seen by tourist boat from the fjord, some even land there, but delve into the environment if you can, instead.  Experience the remoteness of these villages, where access used to be only by boat.  Is that why these were preserved so well? They were far from the institutional dragons?

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