Friday, May 16, 2014

Hodge-Podge Gallery: Small Hotel, Duvet Technique, The Magpie, The Bomb

Norwegian Hodge-Podge Gallery
Three Angles on the Road Trip

Travel without the discipline, or luxury, of a tour. This results in spontaneous sleeping decisions, and a collection of stuff, each a delight to recall but no clear shelf. The forces of restriction and control meet the forces of random and chaos. Random wins. See


1.  When in doubt, stay at a family spot. Here, on Hardanger Fjord, on road between Vik and Haugesund to come.

There is our splendid VW Golf, in line, second from right, with sports campers all in a row, and the fjord beyond.  This was a small family hotel on the roadside, with a line of camping vans and trailers in the lot. A small food-snack shop was there, and order in advance, a dinner from a menu of five choices. Fine. Wi-fi is available anywhere. Just cluster where the signal is strongest.

2. Daniel v. Duvet, in our ground (lower level) room.

Daniel won.

Daniel here demonstrates proper Norwegian duvet technique.  Norwegian bedding consists of a bottom sheet, and a top duvet, down comforter within casing. For heat and tangle control, extrude feet.  If it is really hot, take out the comforter from the sheet sandwich.

The bathroom was down the hall on the lower level where we were, last minute, with the slope down to the fjord outside.

Ladies:  sleep in a modest dress, no nighties or jammies, in case you do not get an en suite arrangement, or bathroom attached to bedroom.. I can even go to dinner in mine. Just belt it up.  Long heavy-weight T-shirt style, sleeves to elbow that can be rolled up. Multi-purpose packing.

3.  Magpie on the Roof

The magpie is smart, strikingly colored in black and white.  To find one is not necessarily auspicious. It can be prophetic, so they say; lead to magic circles and healing, or doom.
  • See one?  
  • One for sorrow, two for mirth, three brings a wedding, four is death. Five brings silver, six makes gold, seven is secret, remains untold.  Find eight for heaven, nine for hell, and ten? it means the devil's own self. Or some such.  
  • Old nursery rhyme.

Watch  a magpie at  Folklore:  see favorable references in the Far East, then the shift from positive to negative in European and global folklore, and ways to preserve your good luck, or get some, despite finding one, the magpie representing balance or imbalance of light and darkness, at Magpies, A Story of Seven, at

Compare magpie and jackdaw. The jackdaw is dully gray and black colored, no white except a dirty-white collar on some species. Go back to the Story of Seven. Read aloud the poems. Are you still you?


3.  Harbor mine or unexploded other mine, WWII.

Do an images search and find that not all WWII water mines were round, with the spikes.

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