Friday, May 2, 2014

Aurland; Laerdal Tunnel; Aurlandsfjord. Sogn og Fjordane

Laerdal at Aurland. The Laerdal tunnel is the world's longest tunnel, and connects Laerdal and Aurland -- with a stretch of some 15 miles, or 24 km underground. When there is work to be done on the roads, expect a traffic jam. 
Dan Widing at Laerdal Tunnel traffic jam, Norway

The tunnels may well include a full underground rotary as well, although not this particular tunnel. Approach the blue lights all over, and traffic whizzes off to various towns. When through, pick up hitchhikers. We often do, with a long look to instinct, spontaneity. The world has good people.  Enjoy. Use your wits. Travel this one at

The Aurland for us led to the Flam Railway, at Flamsdalen, the valley. The Aurland. Aurlandsfjord. Aurlandfjord. Search with many spellings in mind. The Aurland(s) is a fjord-branch, off the larger Sognefjord-Sognfjord.  It is a tourist Mecca, with the Flam Railway and other attractions and it also springs upon the unwary tourist unbelievably long tunnels to swish you on your way.

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