Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kaupanger Stave Church, Sognefjord. The missing dragons.

Little towns.  Kaupanger is on Sognefjord, where the ferries ply back and forth.

Near the ferry dock is an old church, that has not well stood the test of time.  It has been brised. Original parts removed, and Reformation and other era accoutrements added.

What is missing here?  Why is this Kaupanger Stave Church quaint but dull?

This exterior is boring because the dragons are absent. The heritage has been erased, lopped off. Nordic legend is full of dragons, that then were affixed to early Christian churches, and stayed there as long as tolerance prevailed.  See all the dragons at 

See samples of old stave churches complete with dragons at Vik, and Borgund. FN 1

FN 1.  Stave churches with dragons.  I would prefer to worship there, thank you, where the heritage is respected, incorporated, and remains joyous.

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