Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flam - Invasion of the Giant Ruinous TOURIST SHIP Monster

The village of Flam is on the Aurlandsfjord, an arm of the huge Sognefjord. Arrive from Borgund, take the little Flam Railway up and back for an hour, go to sleep with nice visions of the mountains all around, and nice memories: rural Norway, the little train ride the evening before, and having enjoyed a delicious real tablecloth meal, one of the two or so that we give ourselves per trip.

And wake up to this.

OMG. What happened to the view.  Invasion of the GIANTS. Even the tree died aghast. Enjoy a fine sleep and get up to find...  INVASION.  This is awful. Walk around the corner and your eyes are absolutely assaulted. You can't even see the mountains, the valley or the access to the main fjord any more. Nightmare in the morning.

This here, folks, is an ocean-size tour ship, suddenly parked right here in Flam, where a dozen or so day-tripper boats had been before, and if you can count the decks, you get a nice terry robe and get to stand outside your chambre a coucher with your gourmet coffee and stare back at us staring at you. Quick. Find the car. Get away.

 The tributary Aurlandsfjord is obviously deep, although not as deep as the 1308 meter-deep (about 4291 feet-deep) Sognefjord.  The Norway In A Nutshell and sea-going Scandinavian and Russian tour routes are justifiably popular, but how to provide for docking without spoiling.  I hate to think what the nice Flam railway trip was like that morning.  Go elsewhere fast?  Ja.

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