Sunday, April 13, 2014

Borgund Stave Church. Dragons and Serpents on Stave Churches, Norway. Religious Cross-Pollination

Era of tolerance, religious cross-pollination.

There was an era in Norway between the era of the old Celtic missionaries living in with the homesteads and their chapels, and dealing mildly with the local kings, to the institutional takeovers where dogma was compelled.  In that era, old beliefs were tolerated, many were similar anyway, or shared symbols and ideas, and even stories of gods and god-figures. In those eras, ideas were allowed to blend and enrich, the newcomer Christian story of origins and the meaning of life. The earliest stave churches reflect that.  They even look oriental.

Start your own research.  Look up The Dragon, the Snake, the Serpent.  Commonalities with Christian stories as well. These were not alien ideas.

The dragon with its extended neck, and serpents twining, striking, hold a prominent place in the world's mythologies, see Dragon at  Dragons and sea serpents and the Midgard Serpent Jormungandr of Norse mytho, encircling the earth. As Apollo overcame a dragon at the place we know in Greece as Delphi, so in one view of religious life, the dragon represents an evil that must be overcome.  See To old Norse, the dragon stemmed from the world's beginnings, was close to the view of the sea serpent,

See the overview of what is left of the old stave churches at

  • Everywhere the dragons could be lopped off and a cross easily substituted, do it:  The jvariety in rooflines remained for many, with the multiple tiers, the outside galleries, the many ways in and out, the dimness of the interior, standing only, remain.  In others, where the original had been destroyed, as by fire, or rot, economies took over. That is one explanation for the austerity, the prim stance of too many "restored" stave churches.  
The most inspirational for us, a non-institutional gang, is not the heavily trafficked Borgund, but the Vik stave church.  Reaching Vik by land is a delight, a surprise, a variety of geographies and altitudes.  Reaching Vik by tour boat is easy.  Choose the land route.

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