Friday, March 7, 2014

Kaupanger, Sognefjord: Of Ferries and Hitchhikers, and Luck of the Draw

Relax and meet people. Luck of the draw, plus common sense and gut reaction. This hitchhiker was a married mother, who had left her car at Point A while she hiked the mountains to Point B for the day, thinking a ride back would be fast, as usual.  Not so, this time. Her husband was ready to come get her (cell phones!), but along came SuperTourists, the Car-Dan Tour Company, and saved the day and got far more in return for the ride to her car:  good conversation, good will.

Ferries ferry folk and their cars and trucks town to town, dock to dock, across the fjords, and are efficient and scenic. Waits are under an hour, more like 35 minutes, for the ferries to go back and forth.

Hitchhikers. There is a time to fear, and a time to welcome. Trust gut. Sure. Choose. Something bad can always happen anywhere. Live anyway. Or, live the staged life.  Choice.

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