Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poetry and Eggs at the Hotel Grand Olav, Trondheim

Smaller, less-chain-y hotels win.  Try the Clarion Collection by Choice. For some, this would be a step down from big Clarion down at the harbor, to while away time overnight until we boarded the Finnlandia; for us, a welcome find in town, atmosphere of a city, places to walk. There was a teddy bear on the armchair, and poetry beside the bed, and two other books.

Open up.  Quote-ish, rough.
  • Han ad og drak, var aldig glad,/  Hans Storlehaele gik han skjeve;/ Han ingenting bestille gad/ Tilsidst han gad ei heller leve./
  • He ate, he drank, and studied woe/ wore his boot-heels down on one side;/ the little he had of get-up-and-go/ just lay down one day and died./

Then breakfast. DIY. This is more than a buffet. Find a frying pan on a burner, and do your own eggs. Fried over easy, still runny.  Impossible if done au kitchen. Salmon also, and three kinds of herring -- pickled, barbecue-type tomato (sweet-sour), and plain tomato. Plus all the other fixings.

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