Thursday, January 2, 2014

Trondheim, St. Mary's Church, Church of Our Lady, Interior

Church of Our Lady.   Mariakirke.
Which Lady? 
Religious Bait and Switch. 
Interior of St. Mary's

Were the Norse encouraged by this new institutional church,
to see their own venerable Freyja, Old Norse for "The Lady," in this Maria.  

Sneaky quasi-Christianity. 
Get the believers first, explain afterwards when they can't back out.

Odin hung on the Old Norse Yggdrasil tree for nine days, pierced by a spear, in order to attain wisdom. Jesus hung on his tree, Acts 5:30,  but only for several hours. See Odin at  How could this new Jesus be a threat to the old religion? Do both. Freyja, the Lady.  Mary, the Lady.  Our Lady. Conceptual similarities. Mary had long been developed as a topic of dogma, emotional attachment, see   Did the militant institutional Christians moving with their armies from the south, Germany, Denmark, prevail because of fogging, echo myth with dogma. Bait and switch. Did they convince the recalcitrant Norse that this Christianity merely extends familiar panoply? 

At least, ask.  Where a runic inscription apparently says that Mary owns the inscriber, that is an identification beyond the transition of old and new, where similar concepts blend. See prior post re the exterior of St. Mary's. Meanwhile, the interior of St. Mary's is largely Baroque -- big renovation in 1739.

The church houses a variety of worship services, from the vast natural, to traditional liturgical.  Here is a nondenominational caring circle, the people just having left. 

Remnants of old paintings preserved. 

With the largely Baroque interior, going outside again to earlier roots is welcome.  Was this tower, rebuilt in the 1700's, done according to an earlier tower?

Royal seal, date of renovationss 1739.  Did the repairs recreate an older tower, or is this entirely new?  It looks like other old churches in Denmark of the same age, with the plain, single-tower footprint. 

This royal seal is misleading as to whom should be credited here.  The King refused to let his own coffers be used for the renovations, because he wanted his funds to go to the big fancy Cathedral.  See previous post.

The old setting for St. Mary's:

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