Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gas Station Bouncer. Norway Travel Economies: Gas Station Lunch. Brown Cheese.

Eat a big breakfast, then go local for lunch at a gas station. Here, between Husaby and Trondheim, is the Welcoming Committee. Or, the Gas Station Bouncer, to decide your category.  At every new car, he ambles over, faster than a wet nose. 

Inside, a little country store environment, with chairs stacked for easy removal as folks come and go,  and handy for tilting back on the front porch in nice weather.  In rain, stay by the stove.

Lunch choices.

1. Fanta Orange has fewer calories than in the US, and sizes are smaller.  Excellent. Fizz with sense.

2.  Fresh stuff. The attendant is ready to grill up a hot dog with treats, or even a burger.  It is not unusual to find some gas stations offering fast food Turkish kebab -- a disposable cone cup thing, with lettuce and tomato at the bottom, then cheese, then pulled doner meat (think the tall cones, rotating, of pressed slices going east-west, and then further sliced north to south when ordered, special sauce, sour cream, and a pita.

3.  Snacks to go?  To the eyes, brown cheese. To the taste buds, caramel cheese.  Yes, caramel.

Try perhaps once the Gudbrandsdalen valley caramel-cheese, Gudbrandsdalsost, Gjetost brand perhaps at; a/k/a brown cheese; or Brunost, at  This concoction takes to temperature changes famously, so is favored by skiers and backpackers. Be prepared for your first bite.  Otherwise, your little buds will not know what is going on.  It is very caramel and cheese.  Also find brown cheese at the big breakfasts at hotels, and in sticks. low melting point, high fat. Not good on grills -- pyromaniac's delight.  Click to enlarge and fiind the ingredients.  Very processed.  Never mind.

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