Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tingvollost, Farm Cheesery. Aged Blue, Kraftkar. Not Tingvoll East

Aim for a lovely old stone church at Tingvoll, after Kristiansund. Enjoy the fjords and scenery, but follow a rooster on a roadsign and end up at a fine farm cheesery instead. Saghaug Farm.  Follow a rooster? Some roosters really are used on steeple tops -- cock crows, or resurrection, etc.  So following one seemed an excellent idea.

The rooster also features in Norse mythology:  roosters will warn the dead, the gods and the giants that Ragnarok, similar in concept to Armageddon or the Apocalypse, is here, see Norse mythology at  That is a rooster on the road sign to Tingvollost.

And it perched right on a little sign for Tingvollost -- sure sounds like Tingvoll East,  and maybe the church is right down that little road, Sleep on, Dan, all is well in hand. Bumpety, bump, round the corners, through the fields and farms, this way and that way and finally!

Up the drive, nice little house up there. Farm buildings, all efficient and tidy. House?  Other farm-type buildings? Where's the church? Up to the door we go. And to a fine welcome by the Tinvollost people, Tingvoll cheese.

This is a substantial business and I would hoard some if we could have brought it back to the US.  See the Tingvollost sign just above the Kraftkar. Kraftkar: an aged blue cheese, see
According to the site, the family-run dairy has traditions back to the 13th Century.

Wrong Tingvoll, but this was delightful.  A fine cheese-making business, friendly. It won a world cheese award in 2011, see site. So ost means cheese, not east.

Back we go, then, to find Tingvoll's stone church.  Glad to have been to the dairy, will look for Tingvollost or Tingvollost over here.  See

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