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Tingvollfjord to Rykkjem and the Ferry to Rindal. Language Crib Sheet

Tingvollfjord.  The fjord is just past Tingvoll Church, and used to be closer.  Waters have receded.  The lookout balcony on the church once served a serious defense purpose: with raiding so handy from other fjordfolk not of this community, and where loyalties stopped at one point.

1.  Turf roofs.

How to construct homes here?  Use turf on the roof.  Here, full trees are growing up, with the fjord beyond.  These little structures:  could be guestbouses, or if really rough-looking, drying houses or storage.  Why build on to the big house and have to heat it, when relatives are only there for the harvest, for example.  Wise. Piles are raised on stone to keep out rot. Rotted posts caused most wooden stave churches to collapse within a hundred years.

Turf roof, small house, Tingvoll, Norway at Tingvollfjord

This turf roof exceeded most others.  There are full trees growing like a little forest on top. To make it, grids are hammered to the roof, above some waterproofing material; filled with dirt and sod already growing, often.  Let it go and it will. Very warm, we are told.  And good for birds and bugs.

Turf roof, little forest on top, Tingvoll, Norway at Tingvollfjord

Bug heaven.  In this part of the world, there are enough bugs left to spatter the windshield, and when you stop the car, there is birdsong, birdsong, loud and wonderful birdsong. 

Here, somebody is heading with tot to Tingvollfjord.


2.  Roadside standing stone.

What standing stone is this, by the roadside? in somebody's field?  Sometimes old standing stones are repurposed, with a plaque affixed saying that this is now a memorial to such and such.  Is this old, or because it is so precise and flat, a fake? No idea.

3.  Getting around.  Small ferries:  many routes not on the maps.  FN 1

Ask how to resume drive toward Trondheim, and the answer is a surprise because the maps gave no clue:  continue southeast, and behold there will be a ferry.  Just get in line, or be the only one.

Stangvikfjord ferry, at Rykkjem.  

Get around by talking, not just following a map.  Ask. Ask.  How do you know what they say back to you?

I had made a conversation crib sheet that I carried in my wallet, including for directions, and it was excellent.  Even point to what you need to get across.

This hand-made portable crib sheet -- cut up and staple inwallet size crib sheets that I could slide out as needed.  For pronunciation, I used a CD set language thing from the local library, and kept repeating it in the car.  Make it by writing out your topic in any online translator, and click for the translator site to translate.  Easy.


Hello -                         Hei
How to pronounce      Hvordan a uttale
Please – if you             Behage – hvis du
Thank you -                 Takk
You're Welcome -       Du er velcommen
Excuse Me -                Unnskyld meg
Of Course! -                Selvfolgelic
Pardon me                   Tilgi meg
Where is... -                 Hvor er
How much is it -         Hvor mye er det
What is your name? -  Hva er ditt navn
 Sorry                          Beklager
Where is a hotel       Der er et hottell
My name is... -            Mitt navn er
This is a beautiful country – Dett er et vakkertland
Where is the bathroom – Hvor er toalettet
My things are stolen    Mine ting blir staljet
Help Me! -                   Hjelp meg
How far                       Hvor langt                              
Tourist info                 Turistinformasjon
Police                          Politiet
Farm                            Gard

Here, there, over there            Her, det, der borte
Corner of street -         Hjornet av gaten
Straight -                     Rett
Turn Right-                 Ta til hoyre
Left –                          Ta til venstre
Ahead -                       Fremover
In back of –                 Pa baksiden av  (behind-bak)
In(inside) -                  Innsiden
Out(outside)                Utenfor
Railroad -                    Jernbane
Train - bus - car           Tog – buss –bil, auto, taxi
Plane -                         Planet
Airport -                      Flyplassen
Station -                      Stasjon
Hotel -                         Hotellet
Hostel -                       Vandrerhjemmet
City – how far to        By, hvor langt til byen
Store -                                     Lagre
Market -                      Marked
Turn left                               Ta til venstre
Turn right                            Ta til hoyre
Go straight                          Kjor rett
Where is the police station
Hvor er politistasjonen

Police -                                    Politiet
Hospital -                                Sykehus
Fire Department -                    Brannvesenet
Embassy -                                Ambassaden

Could you tell me where the nearest gas station is.
Er det en bensinstasjon i naerheten
Garage, repair
Er det en garasje eller bil reparasjon naerheten
Is there a bathroom nearby
Er det bad naerheten
Help                                      Hjelpe
Stop                                       Stoppe!
Call doctor                           Ringe en lege, ambulancia
Policia, brannman (firefighter)
Hvor er naermeste sykehus
How far                                                Hvor langt
Where is the ferry           Hvor er fergen
Where is Hurtigruten ticket place
                                                Hvor er Hurtigruten billet sted
Where is Hurtigruten wharf
                                                Hvor er Hurtigruten ferge Kai
(or Brygge)

Museum, statue,          Museum, statue
Memorial -                   Minnesmerke
First, Second               Forste, Vandre
World War                  Verdenskrig
Church, cemetery        Kirke, gravlund

I cannot find my glasses
Jeg kann ikke fine brillene mine
Passport              Jeg finner ikke passet mitt,
Wallet……………  Min lomme bok
Wits………………   Vettet
Did I leave them here    Sa jeg la den her
May I leave you my email (have one for this purpose)
Kan jeg gi dere min e-post
Please email me if they are found
Vennligst send meg hvis de blir funnet
Good afternoon, eve.    God ettermiddag, kveld
 I am glad to be here.     Jeg er glad for a vaere her
Please.                                                 Behag
Thank you.                          Takk
 Excuse me.                        Unskyld meg
Yes, no, please, thanks   Ja, nei, behage, vers sa snill
Good evening, til morning--God kveld, Til I morgen
Here there where when- Her, det, hvor, nar

Please speak slower       Vennligst snakke saktere

Place to stay       Sted a bo
Where might we try next
Hvor vi kan prove neste

Have you room                       Har du plass
Do you serve breakfast           Du tjene frokost
Room for my son and myself 
Jeg onsker et rom for min voksne sonn or                     meg selv
Two beds or one big   To senger eller en stor seng    
We want to stay for one night.
Vi onsker a bo en natt
We would like separate beds.
Vi onsker to singer eller en stor en
Do you serve breakfast?               Du tjene frokost
How much?                                        Det some r kostnaden for frokost
When is check out                   Nar er a sjekke ut
How much                              Hvor mye
Det som er kostnaden
Is the tip included                   Er spissen includert
Where can I park                     Hvor kan jeg parkere
How much per hour
Is it safe                                  Er det trygt
How does this work                Hvordan fungere dette
How much per hour                Hvor mye per time     

Beer , wine, oransje soda        Ol , vin, oransje brus
Water, fruit juice                     Vann , fruktjuice
Water with gas                        Vann med gasse
Without                                   Vann uten gasse
Tap water                                Vann fra springen
Faucet water                           Tappekran vann
Soup                                        Suppe                         
Beef - Pork                             Oksekjott, Svinekjott 
Veal                                         Kalvekjott
Chicken -                                 Kylling
Duck, goose                            And, gas         
Ham. Sausage                         Skinke, Polse
Bacon -                                    Bacon (again) Tocino
Beef, roast                               Storfekjott, roastbiff,
Vegetables - salad                   Gronnsaksalaten Carrot, onion-                                  Gulrot, lok
Potato, beans legumes             Potet. bonner
Cabbage, tomato                     Hodekal, tomat
Fruit                                        Fruct
Apple, banana, grapes             Eple, banana, druer
Lemon, lime, melon                Sitron. Lime, melon
Nuts -                                      Notter
Eggs, cheese                            Egg, ost
Sandwich open face    Sandwich apen overfor
Cold meat, shrimp                   Kjottpalegg, reker
Lamb – to roast                       Lam – a steke
Pork                                         Svinekjott, svinesteke
Stew, roast                              Lapskaus, stek

Waiter                                     Servitor
One beer, please                      En ol, takk
One soda, please                     En brus, vaer
What did your mother make for you to eat –
Hva gjorde moren din gjor for deg
What is traditional Norwegian here –
Hva er tradisjonell Norsk her
What is the best Norwegian dish here –
Hva er den beste Norske fatet her
What would you order for good taste, not expensive
Hva ville du bestille, for utmarket smat, men billig
Best fish dish              (Hvar er den) Beste fiskerett her
Appetizer size, not full meal –
Forrett storrelsen ikke fullt malkit
FN 1.  Technology.  Online maps are useless in much of Norway.

GPS unreliable in Norway because of poor mapping by the company (even online maps of Norway are sparse), or was it a defect in a new model?  Even our fancy new GPS, maker here unnamed because I hope they are hanging their profit-focused heads in shame, because we returned the danged thing.  We were left floating hour after hour, or for sudden drops in dangerous situations with big road decisions imperative and imminent, and nobody there -- and  with no ability to punch in a new destination, even -- supposedly was to give us Norway. People, don't sell it if it is not ready for people to use it.

The solution is not to follow the online maps, or even the expensive paper ones.

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