Friday, November 1, 2013

Kristiansund - Luggage Plan and Breakfast Nuts, Bolts

Our latest backpack arrangement:  put all the day-to-day clothes and toiletries in Dan's medium size, regular backpack; and keep in the trunk my softie-expandable duffle backpack (a go-light) for weather gear, first aid, etc. In we go:  Dan carries the maps and guide book sack, and I carry the vitals in a shoulderbag, and the electronics sack.  Voila. Three littles and a big.

Hotels. Go where there is good walking after supper somewhere, park the car safely and let it sit, and eat a big breakfast.  Aim for the old town, or a wharf area.  Note moderate to inexpensive business traveler-type hotel chains.  Those cost about half the tourist hotel price. 

Breakfasts even at the modest business hotel chains are sumptuous.  This is the AM joy at the Rica Hotel in Kristiansund, a dependable chain.  They also may reduce a price if you say you need no view at all, or give them your price range first.Ask if they have a room in that range before they give you their prices.

With all the stations, there are no lines.

Eat up.  One way to manage financially in Norway is to eat gas station lunches (often fresh-cooked, and always fresh sandwiches available), and pub suppers. Add veggies and lots of the endless gravlax and other fish for breakfast.

There were two more stations, but enough is enough. 

Balance the diet over the course of the day. Loved the pickled herring, salads. Even fast food is expensive, really expensive, so minimize the quantity needed once breakfast is done.

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