Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunndalsora, Sunndalsoara, Sunndal. Road views. Skarfjellet Somewhere.

Domas to Sunndalsoara: Share the road.

Mountains get steep, and the wisdom of turf roofs takes little explaining.  

Sunndalsoara:  Birdwatchers in the yard.

I am looking for Skarfjellet, found one on a map near here, then found four more elsewhere.  A maiden name with echoes of a Norwegian mountain formation, the bowl idea, is fun but we got nowhere near a firm location. Otkell, Son of Skarf is in the Icelandic Saga, The Burnt Njall Saga, but is not an admirable human being.

Fly fishing.  Salmon. Every morning:  most anywhere there will be a platter of endless and delicious gravlax. Dry cure with salt, sugar, dill or whatever, a douse of local liquor, wrap and weigh down and turn for several days. There. 

Skarfjellet in Sunndal --

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