Monday, September 30, 2013

Dombas - Choice. Fast Food. Creative Stop for Road Trip

What is Dombas but a major truck stop, if you arrive with an American mindset.  Dombas is more.It is a place of decision: once a road is chosen, it may be difficult to return except by the same road again, unless ferries appear. 

 Overnight:  a hostel may turn out to be a full-scale hotel. That could be a linguistic glitch, hotel v hostel.  Either way, why stay at a antiseptic hotel somewhere. 

Go back to town where the action is.  Trolls. Troll history. A heritage rich in humor, imagination, usurped by commercial interests. Make money by taking stumps and carving insults to the real trolls.  Is it true that real, legendary trolls also dance, play tricks, engage in ploys at our expense. Their history and antics and plots, slow-thinking, meanness, and fate if caught outdoors when the sun rises upon them (turn to stone, thus the great shapes of hills and mountains), see

Trolls are far more than caricatures made of old logs. There are Tomtes, and Nissens, and the tales of many signify failings common to humans -- covetous, stubborn.  And they have been known to baby-swap when their little one took a turn for the undesirable.  Humans, guard your cribs.

We found a hotel back in the town, one of several chains for moderate business travelers, not tourists.   We ate local food, even in fast food places Norway style.  Choice of traditional Norwegian, and a menu including Turkish kebab, read doner kebab.  We chose Turkish this time.,

Choices include the traditional, as well as ethnic Turkish doner kebab platter.

Moskusel is a place in Sweden, but both boast the musk ox, for those who persist in sighting activity.  

Price for a musk ok beer in Norway (I was told this was indeed a Norwegian beer) 65 NK, Norwegian Kroner.  At $.17 per NK, that is $11.05.   That is also why you can save a small fortune by teetotaling in Norway.  A glass of wine, simple house type?  Easily $12.00.  Water is good.  Cost of food and drink, easily double and more. Have some more fast food.  At a usual $20-30 (150-175 NK, share a platter if you can.

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