Thursday, October 31, 2013

Atlantic Road: Storseisundet Bridge, Oystein Magnusson

The Atlantic Road is a coastal drive, a portion of Route 64, that is calm in good weather, and without the usual fjord-mountains flinging themselves into the sea as you go. Movie buffs will think of WWII submarines lurking about, and search (successfully) behind them to find the remaining German radar installation on shore, still looking out.

We chose the long route from Molde, so we could get out and walk more and also see more inland towns, not just the touristy ones. An alternative is to continue up the fjord there, a favorite tourist camera route, and arrive at the Atlantic Road just as the Storseisundet Bridge appears.

Along the way is Oystein Magnusson, 

This is a lesser-known king (1088-1123 ACE) , with connections, seeØystein_1_Magnusson/utdypning.  He prided himself in focusing on civil and religious development matters in Norway itself (boundaries were fluid), building ports and churches, establishing fish taxes in Lofoten and elsewhere, rather than going to the Holy Land on Crusade to "slaughter bluemen to hell" (see site), as did a half-brother, Sigurd. Sigurd and Oystein were co-kings for a substantial period, until Oystein died.  These views, one as a peace king (Oystein) and another as warrior king (Sigurd) are questionable as to real facts, however, as the tale-recorder (Snorre in particular) also was interested in literary and motivational value, not as a resource necessarily. See site.

A picture from a display for the  with a glass on top turns out as a selfie.  Nice pose. Peer past to the Storseisundet Bridge.

View it all from the air, perhaps, see

The rest is a series of smaller bridges connecting the islands of the archipelago.

The Storseisundet Bridge would be exciting in a storm, with high winds whipping up the water.  In the calm, the views are lovely but there is no sense of risk, but a great sense of admiration.  Obviously fine engineering over difficult span obstacles.  Well done.  

Come the other way for a more spectacular view of the whoop-swoop, seen here at  Start at Kristiansund, and head for Molde instead of the other way.

Fisherman fish from the bridge itself, as well as below.

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