Monday, September 23, 2013

Stange rest area. Egeberg Almenning. RASA. Protected Lands Administration Reform

Norway is experimenting with new ways of administering protected lands, removing much authority from the central government and allocating it locally. Here, Stange common lands, that adjoin Romedal common lands, both in Hedmark County, are being administered jointly now, by an entity called RASA. This sounds dry, but look at the map and goals, at a search for Romedal og Stang Almenninger at  Click on Translate. First, see what is being protected:  Excellent.

The effort to combine and go local in greater ways, is not a completed project, not necessarily a model to follow yet. It is a path to watch. How will local interests in exploiting resources for short-term goals balance with national objectives,  long-term? See  This viewpoint is at the Stange area, on Rt 24. Stange absorbed the old Romedal municipality, see map at above.. The spot is between Kongsvinger and Lillehammer.

After a long flight, and first sightseeing, this driver needed a nap.

The U-shaped drive from Rt 24 leads back to a beauty that does not dazzle because it is not unique; but areas like this need (and are getting preservation attention in Norway) just as the spectacular sites.

Translation and interpretation of the marker needed. Do I have it right?  Is Egeberg a person, place, or company?

Who is Egeberg? Perhaps M. Egeberg, researcher, analyst of human governance systems, do a search. The name appears in texts and bibliographies. Is the M for Morten. Or is he related to Einar Westye Egeberg, of timber company fame and vast wealth.

A Norwegian could translate this. Please do.

This appears to relate to land use and delegation of authority? How is it going?  Who controls if the local authorities seek to exploit a terrain, and the government disagrees -- with its possibly longer view.

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