Sunday, September 29, 2013

Otta - Battle of Kringen. Pillarguri, Girl Heroine. 1612. Scots repulsed,

A girl, Pillarguri, in 1612 raises the alarm, and the invading Scots, hired by the Swedes to do the dirty work in conquering stubborn Norway, are defeated. Norwegians win. Is that so? This is all very unfamiliar. Re-education needed. Scandinavian history is as interesting as the rest of Europe., and can lead to insights, interest, new paths.  Attention should be paid. See it at

The girl Pillarguri saved the day against the Scots mercenaries fighting for the Swedes in 1612.  A system of alarms had been established down the waterways (the fjord system is huge)  to warn of invaders, see, and Pillarguri did the brave deed in time,  ta-raa, ta-raa.  Scots scattered.  Is that so?

How to absorb battles when the area --Scandinavia -- is not part of a regular American hsitory, elementary school through college. Go anyway. Read the full site, follow the maps.  Yes, Scots ended up as nobility in Sweden, others were mere mercenaries, and Otta and its Kvam area were part of that.

We discovered Pillarguri, a girl said to have saved a battle near Otta, and the battle -- yes, in Norway -- that involved Scots.  We were hooked.  What was the story.  Why did Scots, lured in as mercenaries and others who were promised noble status, follow the drums of the Swedes and do their fighting for them to try to conquer "Norway".  Recall that boundaries were not as fixed as they are now.  The Swedes wanted "Norway."  Hire the fighters/
\. How much Swedish "nobility" without Swedish name forms, are really Scots mercenaries done up with a bow?

Q.  Why should a modern meandering road trip pair of historically ignorant people care about what happened  in the Kvam - Otta area of Norway in 1612?  I ask you.
A. Care because one person with an interest can spot a monument, that leads to discovery and empathy/

Dan finally spotted the high hillside memorial to Pillaguri. Girl heroine.  This is a memorial well above the road, easily missed. Prime your own historical pump so these do not pass you by. Scots repulsed.  That counts....

. Any interest of any travel companion can lead anywhere. Dan, now an adult, has Down Syndrome. He is interested in who he is, where the family surnames come from, and battles, wars. .So where those lead, go. Were any of our Scots surnames among the mercenaries.
?  ..
And Pillarguri: credit due. She stopped, onr among other efforts, but apparently pivotal,, the Scottish march against Norway in 1612. Go, girl.

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