Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Norway air transit. Process for airline ticket refund, tax portion of cancelled ticket, European Carrier

Refundable Portion of Nonrefundable Tickets
European Airline: May get refund of tax portion of cancelled ticket

Update.  Just received full refund of tax portion of 2 "nonrefundable" tickets from Oslo to Bodo, Norway.  The refund issue is straightforward enough for European carriers as to tax components, but resisted by online bookers here as to those airlines.  Persist.

  • I had booked a short flight within Norway for two, decided to cancel and drive instead and after the free cancellation time. Here:  How to process a request for refund of the tax portion of the cancelled ticket (otherwise nonrefundable).
  • An initial delay was procedural:  In short, there is a specific email address for the refund department of the airline, for the European carrier flight in Europe or in US.  Use that email address to put in your request and attachments yourself, with your locator number for the airline ticket and any details. Do not rely on a phone bank voice saying the request has been emailed by the online agency.  The airline may not deal with those sources.

Can you get back a refund of taxes? The carrier makes a difference. European carriers may be more apt to refund than continental US carriers.

Buttress yourself with arguments for the call centers and to email.  I see no argument supporting not refunding the tax portion, except that it cuts out a nice windfall to the airlines if they cooperate. The EU, however, has looked into it as it relates to EU practice on fairness grounds, and approves.

1.  Online ticketing agencies.  These will be of limited help because they use call centers and the training will range from nil to good. You will go back and forth between airline and online ticketer.

2.  Promised Land:  Direct email from passenger, not the ticketer,  to airline refund department.

Get the actual email address from the airline itself for their refund department at the airlines, and do it yourself.  Get the phone number as well, and the email and send it off.  Be sure to attach copies of all your information, not just the ID for the flight, and the online ticket seller's ID.

3.  The mountain moved.

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